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Digital Collected Edition

A special digital collected edition of Repossessed is coming soon. Stay tuned for a January announcement right here. The file will be available in PDF, CBR/CBZ and possibly LIT.

Read the whole story now!

All the four chapters of Repossessed are now available in good comicshops  and in digital format on Comixology and Comics+.

For shops I’d recommend Midtown comics in NYC and Isotope in SF.

You can even order mail delivery from Midtown:

In digital you can go here:

and here:

They look great on any tablet!

There are NO plans at the moment for a trade paperback collected edition to be published so please if you want to read Repossessed buy the single issues now! There is no point in waiting for a collected edition that probably will never come.

Single issues are still available in print, don’t wait until they’re all gone.

Thanks for the support!

Art Tumblr

I have a new art Tumblr here:

Have a look and please follow it of you like it. It gets updated all the time.

Screenwriting Tip #1200


As a writer, you have two choices: you can either reinforce society’s comforting lies, or you can find your own truths and tell them.

Repossessed #1

First incredible review of Repossessed chapter 1!

USA Today

USA Today was kind enough to interview me about Repossessed. With a 6 pages preview!

Check it out! link

Merry XMas to everyone from the crew at Dee Agency! More info on the book at
Spread the love and spread the word.

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